Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Postnatal Depression Awareness Week - November 13-19.

Did you know 1 in 7 Australian women is affected by postnatal depression so why doesn't anyone talk about it?

Just Speak Up is a new Australian campaign promoting awareness of depression and anxiety, aiming to reduce stigma and provide information about where to get help. It's important to "just speak up" - by doing this, we can all play a vital role in supporting women and families going through a difficult time

Postnatal Depression Checklist

Read personal stories here.   Add your own story.


  1. Seriously worthwhile campaign, have a friend deep in the midst of it right now, horrible.

  2. Yes and not many people talk about it or say they ever had it, there is a real stigma and this campaign is trying to lift that. Do you know how to help your friend?

  3. She's actually hospitalised at the moment, so getting help, we're not close friends but I hope to be a sympathetic ear if nothing else.