Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Affordable Baby Shower Gifts

One of the most exciting events for any mother to be is seeing her child born. Of course, next to this would be the baby shower that she will be having. If you are planning to attend one and do not have any idea on what to give, then here are some great ideas for you to choose from.

Affordable Gifts Under $50 For Baby Showers

ideas for baby showers
My first five years baby record book

Some mums register for their shower with select stores where you can shop and see exactly what she wants, if, however, the mum is not registered, then you will need to consider other sensible options to give as presents. These are very affordable ideas that can be purchased at various stores and will not break your budget. For less than fifty dollars, you can get some really useful items that all mums can use.

Baby Clothes
One of the best gifts that you can buy for baby showers would be clothing. Babies grow up quickly so new mums would really find this to be a helpful gift. Also, these are needed in numerous amounts because babies spit up regularly, and so fresh clothes are needed several times per day.
When it comes to sizes don't be afraid to choose from the smallest 0 to 3 months sizes to the more larger ones, like 3 to 6 months, and 6 to 9 months that can be used as the child grows, both are equally needed by new parents. Actually, it is ideal to get larger clothes that the baby can use as she or he grows. As far as colours go, if you do not know the sex of the baby, then it's always safe to choose neutral colours like yellow, which is suitable for girls and boys.
There are numerous choices in clothes, including, layettes, t-shirts, shorts, sleepers, onesies, and many more. You can even include a couple of packs of those adorable socks that are made for infants these days.
Swaddling Blankets
Swaddling blankets are another necessary item that new parents will need a large amount of. These are soft blankets used to wrap around a baby or even used as a cover in the crib or bassinet. They are not expensive, come in many different colours, prints and styles and even if you were to duplicate that gift it would not be a problem because, as previously mentioned, these are items that parents will need a lot of.
Bottle Sets
Baby bottles are yet another item that are not only required, but are required in large numbers. This is a useful gift that any new mother will be grateful to get and they come in fabulous multi packs that are valuable, but not expensive.
The next great affordable gift idea are teething toys. As babies grow, they will definitely need these because it is painful as their teeth begin to develop and teethers help to calm them down. And, since teething toys tend to get dirty and old as they are used, new ones are always needed and would be greatly appreciated.
Stuffed Animals
Stuffed animals are welcome as well because kids love to have something to snuggle with. Stuffed toys can be as big as a person or as small as a baby and can even be made of different materials. Look for hypoallergenic stuffed toys. Modern day stuffed toys can also have sounds, lights and they even talk.
nappy cake for baby shower gift
A "cake" of nappies.

Nappy Cakes
One useful gift is nappies because we all know that babies go through these often and they can be quite expensive for parents. Nappy cakes are actual nappies bundled in the shape of a multi tiered cake and wrapped in pink, yellow or blue ribbon. These make a great gift because they look attractive, and are very affordable and useful.
Educational Material
To help mothers develop their baby’s skills, you can easily look for educational materials, such as how to baby books or child rearing books.
Music CD's For Babies
Special music collections for kids are always useful and can be a unique gift. It has been proven that playing music for very young infants is beneficial for their development. Soothing lullabies and other types of tunes are available in CD collections and make a great gift.

As you can see, the choices are plentiful, and you can please the parents while saving your wallet.
Which idea do you like best? Do you have any favourite ideas for baby gifts?


  1. For a friends baby shower recently, each member of my family (5 of us) chose our favourite picture book, wrote a message inside them and gave those.

    1. This is such a cool ideafor a baby shower gift, using it next time, thanks

  2. Baby gifts plays a important role to your children happy. Gifts not only buy happiness if it should contain a good gift with a new interesting feature which will help your child to learn something from it. So try to choose a gift for will child which will help to entertain your child as well as help your child to learn.