Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother's Day is almost here so how about some ideas suitable for young children to give to their lovely mum?...  With a little help from Dad this teddy bear toast would be a yummy breakfast in bed. Thank you to Craft Chronicles for this and 2 other great ideas both involving inexpensive materials.
Create a colourful tissue paper window collage with lots of little red hearts from Learning 4 kids

Mother's Day Cookie Treats "Thank you for all the hundreds and thousands of things you do for me."
A great idea for kid made wrapping paper at Happy Whimsical Hearts
52 days to explore suggests a picnic in your garden.
And Debbie at Aspiring Mum has a heartfelt plea that you consider buying an emergency survival gift for a new refugee mother.
Maybe giving Mum a new book and the
time to read it would be appreciated especially if, like at Gooseberry Jam you have six kids.


  1. I love the teddy bear toast!! Very cute! :) Thanks for featuring our tissue paper collage! x We have just added a new mother's day gift idea, making heart shaped cookies covered in hundreds and thousands representing the hundreds and thousands of things Mum's do! ;)

  2. Great collection of ideas :-) We're making our own bubble wands and bubble mix for the kids to give their nanas. The post won't be live for a bit though since we are still working on them! Thanks for sharing our wrapping paper!

  3. Great ideas. Thanks, will use them.

  4. Great ideas. I love the red tissue paper hearts. We have made some lovely hearts for Mother's Day...