Sunday, September 1, 2013

Indigenous Literacy Day: September 4th

One school excited about Indigenous Literacy Day is travelling over 3,000km from the Spinifex Country to Sydney to be part of the national celebration. A small group of students and teachers from Tjuntjuntjara Remote Community School have a lengthy journey ahead of them on Sunday, a 700km drive through the desert to Uluru before boarding a plane and then a 3-hour flight to Sydney.  The Indigenous children from Tjuntjuntjara are eagerly anticipating their week long stay in Sydney. For many of them, this will be their first experience of a big city.
The highlight of the trip will be on 4 September when the students take part in the Indigenous Literacy Day event at the Opera House. They will be performing a song they wrote about the book How Does Your Garden Grow? which was published by our Foundation at the start of this year. With the support of our ambassadors, the children will also share stories of their experiences, knowledge, interest and love of their community garden. Please visit the site to see more: Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Image and article from Indigenous Literacy Foundation


  1. Hi Lesley, What an exciting time for these children. I'm sure they will learn many new things in Sydney and how cool that they will receive recognition for the song they wrote!

    1. They sure look like they are having fun, the big day - Indigenous Literacy Day - is today and it's a beautiful sunny spring day here in Sydney.